Nick Green, Environment Agency, Jan 2016 - Responding to the Winter 2015/16 Floods as Area Based Controller

I thought I would send you an email to say thank you for the foundation your course has provided. I have just finished over a  month long ABC'ing in the Area Incident Room dealing with, what was fortunately for our Area, routine winter floods. Whilst I use the word routine, there were many “curve balls” thrown in for good measure and just the ABC role means that every shift is high tempo command and control.

I have to say that the real life events felt very similar to the exercise experiences you provided, I kept on thinking back to your course!

If I could pick one really important message from your course it would be the importance of making sure your decisions are recorded and auditable. I have had to make a number of high risk calls over the month and you can only make them on the information you have before you and sometimes when you are feeling the pressure, its just part of the role. So making sure you spend time recording your decision is crucuial. This however is really difficult because once you have made a decision the next one is just a matter of moments away and your attention can get diverted very quickly.

Anyway gents, thank you, a cracking course. If you could say thank you to all the helpers also for me.


Martin England, Northamptonshire County Council, Feb 2015

Have just read through your PLP report and wanted to send a quick note to thank you for supplying a first rate and high quality report. I know you were pressured to meet our timelines which were earlier than you would have wanted – but in spite of that you have managed to deliver an excellent report in all respects. A very impressive piece of work of which you can be justifiably proud.


Nick Chadwick, Gloucester City Council, May 2013

RAB Consultants have provided an excellent service in helping to deliver property flood protection works for Gloucester City Council.
As well as carrying out the property surveys, we are using RAB Consultants to gain resident sign up to the proposed works, produce tender documentation and carry out post construction reviews.
Andy McHugh, their Senior Surveyor, has been very diligent in his approach; reports have been produced in a professional and expedient manner.
We will certainly be seeking to use their services on our upcoming property flood protection schemes.


Ms Judith Mould, Flood Risk Assessment, Sunderland, August 2012

“I wish to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with RAB Consultants. Out of everyone that Emma and I have been involved with on this project no one has come close to the service that you have provided for us. You have been extremely helpful and efficient in providing us with regular updates and delivered the end product not only on time, but covering every eventuality for us. You have been approachable as well as professional throughout the process demonstrating a very high standard of commitment to your job”. 


R Williams, National Programme Manager, Exercise Watermark

"The work that you did in the scoping and initial development stages was extremely thorough, imaginative, forward thinking and invaluable and has set the project up to deliver something exceptional. RAB Consultants brought a very strong understanding of how to plan, develop and deliver an emergency exercise coupled with an ability to work with, motivate and pull together all the different people and organisations involved in exercises.

I would recommend the RAB team to anybody who  is  planning to run any exercise from small local events to major national events. I hope  we get the chance to work together again in the future.

Thanks for all for work, expertise and knowledge."

I Bullock, Flood Risk Assessment, Nottingham, December 2011

"Hopefully we will end up with a positive outcome, however, regardless of the outcome I have been very impressed by the service you have provided and I will certainly recommend you to future clients."

S Bennett, Flood Risk Assessment, Stafford, September 2011

"Many thanks to all those at RAB Consultants for a prompt and very efficient service."

Mrs C Whittaker, on receiving her property level flood protection survey, September 2011

"Thank you for your informative and thorough report."

Gordon Whitaker, Area Environment Manager, Greater Manchester, May 2011

"We asked RAB Consultants to provide a formalisation of  the flood recovery process. The finished article simply goes beyond the target becoming  a living breathing procedure for recovery whilst more importantly a documentary of the process breeding an ever deeper interest in the reader as the story reveals itself throughout the chapters. In  doing this it will be an incredibly valuable document for future use.

The experience with RAB was unique in all phases. I expected it would take a great deal of time and that whatever we said would be trotted out almost verbatim in the final document with just some fancy headings and titles thrown I for good measure. This was not the case and to put it quite simply they "get it", it being the fact that businesses do not want to do the majority of the work themselves otherwise they would. So in summary an excellent example of true value added consultancy work."

Angela Foster, Environment Agency Project Manager, April 2011

"We needed four products and we needed them within a tight timescale. The project was demanding and required patience, professionalism and an understanding of our business. RAB provided a friendly and consistent level of service, their engagement was effective and focused and we were kept informed of project progress throughout. They delivered quality products, they offer value for money and it was a pleasure to work with them."

Environment Agency Project Manager, April 2011

"RAB Consultants did an excellent piece of work in revising some e-Learning training modules for us. They were extremely through in their review of the modules and with the consultation, approvals and communication. Outputs were delivered on time and to budget.

Pat Grantham, December 2010

"Please pass my thanks on to James Cox for the work he undertook for me...James was always helpful, patient, and a pleasure to deal with."

Sheila Gregory, November 2010

"I would also like to thank you for the friendly and efficient way in which you carried out this operation in such a small space of time allocated to you."

Dr Tony Taunk BDS, July 2010

"Thank you for all your help in this matter. Your service and ability to help have been truly worth every penny and I would whole heartedly recommend you and your team to anyone requiring any such works."

Heather Barker, Environment Agency, July 2010

"I'd like to thank the RAB team for your work on Exercise PLUME. I think that the exercise has certainly tested AIMS, as well as the workings of the AQC!"

Course Delegate 2010

"Really helpful for building confidence and perspective, well facilitated and a good pace. The course is interesting and a good technique for learning, with good audience participation. Well done and thank you."

Environment Agency Project Manager, November 2009

"We have been very impressed throughout this work on the way RAB Consultants have managed things."

Exercise Participant October 2009

The exercise was very useful and thought provoking, thank you."

Exercise Participant 2009

"Well structured, well delivered and well reviewed."

Environment Agency Project Manager, September 2008

"I have employed RAB Consultants on previous occasions on commissions relating to training and development of incident management procedures. The performance in these commissions has been to a high professional standard and the project outputs as specified and within scope."

Exercise Participant, February 2008

"A very effective exercise, all in my group felt the same.  Thank you for a very informative day."