Flood Asset Inspection

Flood asset inspection and registers

We administer and deliver the Evironment Agency's official national training programme for new flood asset inspectors and for re-accreditation of existing inspectors, which includes:

  • e-learning module introducing the national Condition Assessment Manual (CAM) and asset inspection procedures;
  • e-assessment;
  • probationer period supervised by an experienced mentor;
  • journeyman period to create an experience log of assets inspected;
  • accreditation field visit;
  • 5 yearly 'healthcheck' visit to re-accredit existing inspectors.

The training programme is open to Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) who are required by the Floods and Water Management Act to create a register of local flood assets. We can either inspect and create your asset register for you or provide a mentor to train your own inspectors. One of our experienced mentors will accompany your inspectors on field visits of local assets so that they can begin to create your local asset register under our guidance. Inspectors will learn how to apply the CAM and procedures to local flood assets, including SuDS features. Once the inspector is competent and confident, they submit a log of 20 assets that they have independantly inspected to one of our assessors. The assessor accompanies the inspector on a one day field visit and, if competent, the inspector is officially accredited as a flood asset inspector for 5 years.

Telford and Wrekin, Dudley and Bristol City LLFAs are going, or have been through the process to date.


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