Flood Risk Management

We work across the UK supporting the delivery of flood and coastal risk management projects to reduce the risk of flooding to people and property.

We have specialist experience, skills and knowledge across the flood risk management spectrum to help risk management authorities deliver their role by:

  • developing local flood risk management strategy;

  • undertaking research and applying new approaches in the prediction of flooding and the development of new river and coastal flood forecasting systems;

  • identifying significant structures for “designation” and establishing a flood asset register;

  • training and accrediting flood risk asset inspectors in accordance with the National Condition Assessment Manual;

  • undertaking flood and coastal visual asset inspections;

  • surveying properties to determine property flood resilience (PFR) measures to reduce the risk of flooding;

  • undertaking public safety risk assessments on new and existing flood risk management assets and infrastructure in accordance with Environment Agency guidance;

  • development of planning policy and guidance for development in flood risk areas and use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS);

  • carrying out investigations into flooding incidents and the performance of response agencies during floods; and

  • assisting in community engagement activities; training and exercising; and enhancing emergency planning and incident response capabilities.

Case studies

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