Flood Risk Assessments

Over 5 million properties and significant areas of land are at risk from flooding across the UK and this is set to increase through climate change and development.

Whether you are a developer, business or home owner, our flood risk specialists will assess the risk and give you cost effective advice on the measures you can take to manage the risk to your development, home or business.

Our full range of flood risk services, include:

  • flood risk assessments (FRA) in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework in England and Scottish Planning Policy in Scotland;

  • flood consequence assessments (FCA) in accordance with Technical Advice Note 15 in Wales;

  • flood modelling using the latest software and techniques;

  • assessment of the impact that climate change will have on flood risk;

  • flood defence consent applications;

  • flooding problem investigation, planning appeals and expert witness services;

  • flood map challenges;

  • flood defence breach/overtopping assessments;

  • flood warning and evacuation plans; and

  • flood insurance quotes.

Case Studies

1. A flood risk assessment for a school and a block of residential flats on the former site of Putney Hospital, Wandsworth, London. More...

2. Independent Property Level Flood Protection surveys for individual householders and communities. More...

3. Flood risk and surface water drainage assessments for 8 sites in Shropshire to obtain Code for Sustainable Homes credits (SUR1 & SUR2). More...

4. Complex 2D hydraulic modelling using ISIS/TUFLOW to assess flood risk and a flood defence scheme for a major factory, Birmingham. More...


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