SUDS Drainage Strategy, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
Sep 4, 2014


RAB Consultants have completed a Sustainable Drainage Strategy to cope with surface water for a rural development located near Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.


The sustainable drainage (SuDS) strategy dealt with all surface water from the new development, on site via infiltration. To achieve the water storage and water treatment stages required by the Environment Agency, various SuDS components have been incorporated, these included:

- Lined soakaways

- Permeable paving

- Geocellular infiltration storage cells

- Infiltration basin.


The system was modelled using MicroDrainage 2014.1 and showed no surface water leaving the site. RAB Consultants showed sustainable drainage solutions can be found for a wide variety of developments allowing surface water to act as nature intended.


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