Property Level Flood Protection
Jun 30, 2014

RAB Consultants has significant experience in undertaking Property Level Flood Protection and has established a reputation for providing a high quality service and accurate recommendations for flood resistance to properties. This is recognised by our diverse client base of Local Authorities, commercial organisations and individual property owners.

We are authors of the "Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience" and members of the Flood Protection Association. We’ve recently updated the document with the latest information available for flood resistance/resilience measures and suppliers. This can be downloaded at

Our independent PLFP surveys, for communities or individual householders, ensure you get impartial advice on the best products for your home.

Why choose RAB?

  • We listen to you – we are aware that you may have flooded in the past. Our surveyors are understanding, diplomatic and knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of homeowners on PLP schemes. We encourage homeowners to be present during the survey as it gives them an opportunity to tell their story on how flooding affects their home. Our surveyors are approachable and personable which we feel are key skills and characteristics when engaging with homeowners.

  • We are experienced flood risk consultants and therefore our assessments consider flood risk from all sources.

  • We carry out topographic surveys to obtain ground and threshold levels to GPS verified Ordnance Datum in accordance with the procedures outlined in the RICS Guidance Note “Guidelines for the Use of GPS in Surveying and Mapping”.

  • Our property surveys follow the latest DEFRA Property-level Flood Protection Scheme guidance.

  • We are extremely knowledgeable on the range of flood resistance products on the market and those which are BSi Kitemarked.

  • Our reports are informative, clear and easy to follow and include:

- Assessment of the depth, frequency, duration, and type(s) of possible flooding including consideration of the likely contamination of floodwater;
- Assessment of the elevation of building thresholds (m AOD);
- Assessment of the likely points of entry of floodwater into the building;
- Evaluation of the measures needed to prevent the entry of water into the building;
- Capability of the householders to deploy temporary products;
- Options to mitigate and the performance level of the recommended measures (e.g. BSi Kitemark PAS 1188 products and expected leakage rates);
- Diagrams, photographs and schematics.

  • We can produce a report approved by the Association of British Insurers to help you get insurance at a price you can afford.