Flood Risk Assessment, Goxhill, Humber Estuary, North Lincolnshire
Nov 16, 2012

RAB Consultants prepared a Flood Risk Assessment in support of the development of a storage unit and a change in use of an existing building for an equine business located within the Goxhill floodplain, North Lincolnshire.

As the site is located in close proximity to the Humber Estuary, the sites predominant flood risk is from tidal flooding. According to the Environment Agency’s flood risk map, the site is situated within Flood Zone 3. RAB Consultants therefore utilised Environment Agency data and topographic levels to carry out a site-specific assessment.

Although the site is situated in a high flood risk area, several measures were recommended by RAB Consultants to;

* reduce the sites flood risks;

* mitigate against the extremes;

* restrict surface water runoff;

* ensure site occupants are prepared for a potential flood event;

* ensure the proposals do not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere.

Examples of such recommendations include signing up to receive the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service, an occupancy restriction and incorporating flood resistant and resilient techniques into the building designs. RAB Consultants also prepared a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan which is intended to be used as part of the sites Health & Safety working practices.

Recent correspondence with the business owner indicates that the Flood Risk Assessment was successful and the building works will soon commence.