Flood Risk Assessment, Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, North East England
Nov 16, 2012

A Flood Risk Assessment was prepared by RAB Consultants for a business located in Yarm (Stockton-on-Tees), where proposals involved extending the premises to create on-site accommodation for the manager.According to the Environment Agency’s flood map, the entire site is situated within Flood Zone 3 given it’s close proximity to the river Tees. As part of the assessment, RAB Consultants visited the site to assess the area and obtain topographic levels. Environment Agency modelled flood data was also obtained by RAB Consultants and the assessment concluded that the site is expected to become inundated during a number of extreme events. A key concern for this site is that flood water is expected to be hazardous along Yarm High Street during a flood event, affecting the sites main access and egress routes. As a result, a detailed Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan was prepared by RAB Consultants for this site which detailed:

* General advice to the business owner and manager;

* Where to find sources of information, such as Met Office weather forecasts and Environment * Agency flood warnings for Yarm;

* A preferred and secondary evacuation route;

* Pre-defined rest centres, as identified by the Emergency Planning Unit;

* How Environment Agency flood warnings will be provided, what each warning means for the site and what site occupants should do if they receive them.

Recent correspondence with the business owner has confirmed that the Flood Risk Assessment has been approved by the Environment Agency and Local Planning Authority.