Flood Risk Assessment for Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool, North East England
Mar 21, 2013

RAB Consultants has recently completed a Flood Risk Assessment for Heerema Fabrication Group within their Victoria Harbour site in Hartlepool. The proposals involve developing a modern two-storey office building.

The assessment involved the following:

* Completion of a Sequential and Exception Test, taking into account Hartlepool's Local Plan and Core Strategy;

* A site visit to assess flood risk at the Hartlepool Headland;

* A topographic survey of the site (relative to Ordnance Datum);

* Analysis of Environment Agency data;

* Consultations with relevant bodies;

* Preparation of a Flood Risk Assessment report in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework. This included a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan.

Given the nature of Heerema Fabrication Group’s business and the necessity to be located adjacent to the port, the Sequential Test concluded that the proposed office building was appropriately sited. The Flood Risk Assessment acknowledges that the site lies within the Environment Agency’s Flood Zone 3 outline. However, the Headland at Hartlepool is protected by a number of coastal flood defences which will reduce the impacts from sea level rise, wave overtopping and coastal erosion.

Site-specific recommendations were also made and the report and has been recently submitted as part of the planning application.