Flood Risk Assessment, Kelso, Scotland
Jul 29, 2013

RAB Consultants has recently prepaired a Flood Risk Assessment in support of a proposed building extension in Kelso, Scottish Borders, Scotland.

A Flood Risk Assessment  was required  for this site as it is located in close proximity to the River Tweed.

The following activities were carried out as part of this assessment:

* A site visit to assess the flood risk within the local area;

* A topographic survey  (relative to Ordnance Datum) to obtain ground levels across the site and along the access/egress route;

* Assessment of risk from all sources of flooding, with an examination of historic flood events;

* Consultations with the client, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Borders Council and Scottish Water;

* Evaluation of flood flow routes, impacts on flooplain storage and appropriate flood mitigation measures;

* Assessment of appropriate Sustainable Drainage Systems;

* Preparation of a Flood Risk Assessment report in accordance with the Scottish Planning Policy requirements.

Through data collection, consultation and analysis, a number of recommendations have been made to the client, including signing up to receive the flood warning service provided by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. The report concluded that the proposed mitigation measures will reduce the sites flood risk and the development should not increase flood risk elsewhere.