Hackney Council Emergency Planning Support
Nov 14, 2019

One of our Resilience Consultants, Sophie Dusting, was placed with the team at their Stoke Newington offices, for a four-week secondment over the Summer 2019. Six incident plans were identified as requiring an update by the Civil Protection Service. Sophie found that much of the existing content of the incident plans was suitable and the arrangements remained relevant. Alterations were need for all plans to improve usability, to be compliant with the Council’s new IT systems and to align to the ways of working detailed in the Council’s revised and main Incident Plan. The main Incident Plan details how the Council would respond to potential or actual incidents. Sophie was also heavily involved in revising the main Incident Plan during a previous secondment at the Council in 2018.

Following the conclusion of the plan updates, Sophie designed a half-day exercise which would test the roles and responsibilities of staff involved in the BECC. The exercise would fall after a training programme delivered by the Civil Protection Service to Council ‘BECC’ staff. It will provide an intense scenario for BECC staff to apply their learning and to show-case their capabilities.

Sophie Dusting said, “the varied nature of the incident plans I updated really reinforced to me that complex responsibilities that Hackney Council, as a Category 1 Responder, has in relation to incident response and management. It therefore is fantastic the Council is supporting their incident staff by providing a comprehensive training package and we are looking forward to continuing to support the team to deliver the BECC exercises across 2020.”

For further information on how we can support you to review and update your incident and emergency plans, please contact Bryan Nelson, our Resilience Director, at or telephone on 01388 748366.