Incident Management Training in Wales
Sep 16, 2019

The NRW Incident Management Foundation Programme is a structured, modular course, blending self-learning, classroom capability development training, experiential learning, demonstrations of NRW operational capabilities and a simulated incident scenario. Webinars are dispersed throughout the programme, to provide delegates with check-in time with the mentors and tutors, share and discuss learning and request assistance if required. This structure takes a cohort of 12 delegates on a learning and development journey over a six-month period. Completion of the programme supports NRWs Incident Management Enabling Plan aim to ‘deliver an effective and consistent response to the likelihood and consequences of environmental incidents.’

Sophie Dusting, one of our qualified trainers said, “with an ambitious timescale ahead of us, we started the design and development of the Incident Management Foundation Programme in January 2019, piloting the course in Spring 2019, to two cohorts. We’ve worked closely with the incident management experts at NRW throughout the course development and pilot delivery to enhance the training content and learning experience. It’s been great to see the two cohorts enthusiastically trial the programme. We are looking forward to welcoming the next four cohorts soon.”

For further information on how we can support you to train your staff in incident response and management, please contact Bryan Nelson, our Resilience Director, at or telephone on 01388 748366.