The London Borough of Hackney Incident Plan
Feb 20, 2019

Sophie Dusting, one of our Resilience Consultants, was based with the council’s Civil Protection Service at Stoke Newington Town Hall for four months. This allowed Sophie to embed herself into the council’s ways of working and to build relationships with the emergency planning team. She observed how the council responded to incidents, incorporating observations and identified learning within the plan revisions.

Sophie also completed a ‘gap analysis’, identifying the parts of the plan that needed to be updated to align with changes in the emergency planning landscape and good practice. 

Andy Wells, a manager at the Civil Protection service and James Groom, the Emergency Planning and Response Manager, oversaw Sophie’s secondment. Sophie worked collaboratively with Andy and James using frequent ‘check-ins’, to pause, review and feedback, as the plan was developed. This approach helped to ensure that plan met the council’s requirements.

Approximately 10 staff, from across the council service areas, were introduced to the draft version of the plan as part of Exercise WINTERSUN; an interactive training and desk-top exercise session. This exercise tested the plan and validated several revisions to its content. Further consultations were undertaken with council staff and external resilience partners have been invited to review the draft plan.

Sophie is continuing to work with the Council to produce a suite of Incident Plan Quick Guides for core incident roles. These contain operational information, extract from the Incident Plan, that will guide officers during an incident.

The Incident Plan will be published on the London Borough of Hackney Council’s website in the Spring of 2019.