RAB Consultants support Environment Agency expansion of the flood warning service to vulnerable communities in Yorkshire, England
Feb 12, 2019

We produced flood warning areas for the various communities at risk using GIS analysis supported by LiDAR data, hydraulic modelling, historic flood records and hydrometric records to establish flood warning thresholds. These will now become operational within the Environment Agency supporting flood warnings for these communities.

RAB’s Director of Resilience Bryan Nelson said:

“I’m pleased we’ve been able to use our skills and experience in support of the Environment Agency for these at-risk communities across Yorkshire. Initiatives such as this all help in improving community resilience to flood risk.”

If you would like to know more about this project or to enquire about flood warning services, please contact the Durham office on 01388 748366. Importantly if you feel you would benefit from this service and would like to sign up to receive flood warnings from the Environment Agency then follow the guidance here