Menstrie Flood Study
Oct 23, 2018

RAB are working with Clackmannanshire Council to undertake the Menstrie Flood Risk Assessment Option Appraisal study.

 The hydrological approach has been to:

  • Conform to the methodologies in the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH), in consultation with SPEA, to produce design flows for the Menstrie Burn.

  • Undertake Hydrograph Width Analysis to define the shape of the flood hydrograph based on events recorded on the Menstrie Burn (and River Devon). This allowed for comparison with the design flood hydrographs produced by the FEH software to determine the most suitable hydrograph shape.

  • Run a series of sensitivity tests with differing conditions on the River Devon to quantify its impact on the water levels in the Menstrie Burn.

We have developed a linked 1D-2D approach to modelling, mapping and option appraisal to:
  • Model detailed in-channel features and topography to better represent local features on the floodplain such as walls, buildings, roads, and other features that could have a significant influence on flood flow routes, or local flood depths through Menstrie.

  • Model small scale or local temporary works to understand their benefits.

  • The model has been successfully calibrated to the August 2012 flood event based on historical wrack marks and anecdotal information

  • The modelling has demonstrated that the Menstrie Burn floods for the 1% AEP and the August 2012 event was approximately a 0.2% AEP.

Our study appraisal short list currently includes the following flood risk management options:

  • NFM

  • ‘Quick wins’

  • Road / ground reprofiling

  • Small scale embankments  / infilling of low spots

  • Improved community awareness / resilience

  • Flood forecasting and warning

  • Longer term adaptation strategy and land use planning

Next steps

We are working on revising and finalising the short list of flood risk management options. 

We will be arranging a consultation meeting with Clackmannanshire Council, SEPA, and Scottish Water for later in May.

For further information, please contact Robert Walker on 01786 610022