Supplementary Planning Document on SuDS – Bedford Borough Council
Apr 26, 2018

SuDS Pillars

RAB Consultants recently prepared a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which was formally adopted by Bedford Borough Council in February 2018. The SPD addresses sustainable development across Bedford Borough by defining the requirements for the implementation of SuDS as part of future local development and provides a framework to promote sustainable development within Bedford Borough through planning standards and objectives, set out in the document.  The aim of the SPD is to outline the requirement of SuDS within developments, identify the information required to validate and support a planning application, and provide a benchmark for Bedford Borough Council to assess such applications against the standards contained within the SPD.

RAB Consultants has proudly produced the document which integrates theoretical knowledge with practical experience and provides a useful tool for both the private sector and Bedford Borough Council to enable new development.

The development of the SuDS SPD included:

  • Data collection and research, including reviewing of local policies, SuDS literature, lessons learnt at RAB Consultants and their integration to the document.
  • Detailed discussions and meetings with the Lead Local Flood Authority, the Council’s highways and planning departments, the Bedford Group of Internal Drainage Boards, and other key stakeholders to understand their expectations, views, and requirements from the SPD.
  • Understanding of local conditions which could influence the application of SuDS features across the Borough and integration of these findings to the SPD.
  • Promotion of sustainable design practices depending on different site conditions and constraints, in the form of risk matrices.
  • Development of design requirements for outline and full planning applications.

The SuDS SPD underwent extensive internal reviewing and public consultation where constructive feedback to further improve its value and strengthen its context was received.  Through this project RAB Consultants has ‘increased resilience and reduced flood risk’ for the area and community of Bedford.  The document is now live and can be found here.

Preferred SuDS approach