Hydraulic modelling to support a Flood Risk Assessment, Frosterley, NE England
Feb 14, 2018

RAB Consultants carried out Flood Risk Assessment which included undertaking hydraulic modelling of a watercourse to support a planning application in the Wear Valley. The development is for the conversion of an old chapel to a residential dwelling. The development site is located in Flood Zones 2 and 3 in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Flood Map for Planning. The Environment Agency had previously objected to the planning application on the grounds that a formal FRA had not been produced.

To address the Environment Agency concerns RAB carried out a topographic survey of the watercourse and built a 1D-2D (Flood Modeller – TUFLOW) hydraulic model to determine flood levels, depths and extents in the area.

We made appropriate recommendations to mitigate the risk of flooding to the building including the use of Property Flood Resilience. We also recommended all occupants signed up to the local Environment Agency flood warning to ensure safe evacuation could be obtained in advance of flooding.

It was concluded that the development is appropriate given the flood risk, and will not increase flood risk elsewhere.