Flood Risk Assessment, Hexham, Northumberland
Jan 23, 2017

In Autumn 2016 a Flood Risk Assessment was completed by RAB Consultants in support of a proposed change of use development in Hexham, Northumberland.

The development site is located in Flood Zone 3a in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Flood Map for Planning. The site is positioned on the right bank of the Cockshaw Burn, upstream of the confluence with the River Tyne.

RAB Consultants carried out a site visit to assess the flood risk to this development and it was identified that the primary source of flooding would be from the Cockshaw Burn to the west of the site. Historical flood data from Northumberland Council supported this assessment.

Our assessment to meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework involved:

  • Data collection, including a topographical survey & the Environment Agency’s most recently modelled flood data for the River Tyne & Cockshaw Burn.

  • Liaison with the Environment Agency & Northumbrian Water Ltd

  • An assessment of the risk of flooding from all sources including fluvial, coastal/tidal, surface water, groundwater & drainage related; in accordance with Northumberland Council’s SFRA.

  • Recommendations were provided, balanced against design/construction plans specified by the client.