Detailed Surface Water Drainage Design, Buildwas, Shropshire
Jan 3, 2017

RAB Consultants have been commissioned to design a detailed SuDS surface water drainage system to satisfy planning application requirements of Shropshire Council.

The proposal involved the conversion of a derelict watermill and associated outbuildings into holiday chalets. The existing building currently has no surface water drainage arrangement in place and the client provided a very wide scope as to the proposed scheme.

Infiltration testing was undertaken to the BRE 365 standard to confirm the suitability of the ground to discharge all surface water.

The surface water drainage design will collect all surface water from the proposed rooftops in guttering and downpipes which discharge into brick channels within the pathways. The flows pass through a variety of SuDS components, such as pebble channels and filter drains, before passing into a final basin located to the north of the development, in which all surface water will be infiltrated. The MD SuDS module of MicroDrainage 2016.1 was used to size and design the proposed sustainable drainage system.

The design provided a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution that provides multiple stages of water treatment and can safely manage a 1 in 100 annual probability plus climate change rainfall event.

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