Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH), Shropshire
Nov 27, 2014

We audited the proposed surface water drainage scheme for each site against the SUR1 standard (Management of Surface Water Run-off from Developments), and confirmed the mandatory elements were passed. We consulted our client about the additional water quality credits, and recommended options at each site to assist a decision over the value of obtaining those credits compared with alternatives from other aspects of The Code.


All seven sites were located in flood zone 1 on the Environment Agency’s flood map, i.e. low probability of river or sea flooding. A Flood Risk Assessment was therefore not needed for the planning process, but is a standard requirement of The Code (SUR2 – Flood Risk). We reviewed available data to screen risk at the sites from all sources of flooding: river, coastal, surface water, groundwater, sewers, reservoirs and canals. We used our experience, gained over many years of flood risk work, to identify those aspects where a more in-depth assessment of risk was required and make viable recommendations to mitigate flooding. That way, we could offer a set of cost effective assessments tailor-made to each site.


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