Work Experience at RAB - Feedback from Chris Rhodes
Sep 4, 2014

As a final year Environmental Science student at the University of East Anglia, I was extremely interested in gaining an understanding of how flooding issues are tackled with an industry focus and the potential careers that this can lead to. This led me to contacting RAB Consultants about possible work experience.

During my 3 weeks at the Bedford Office of RAB Consultants I have been aid to the production of Flood Risk Assessment (FRA’s) and Property Level Protection (PLP’s) reports. These consist of a number of components that I was able to complete such as GIS locations maps, geological descriptions and flooding history. I thoroughly enjoyed a number of visits to properties and schools undertaking topographic surveys, visual inspections of buildings and engaging clients in their local knowledge of flood issues.

I feel that I have gained a great understanding of the day to day workings of a Flood Risk Consultancy and how science is used in the industry.

My experiences of the company as a whole have been extremely positive. All members of staff that I have in contact with have been extremely friendly, communicative and professional, which promotes a great atmosphere in the office.

My plans post-graduation have been broadened as a result of this experience and I am currently deliberating further study, graduate employment or a combination of both. I would like to thank RAB Consultants for this opportunity and look forward to having an ongoing connection with them.