RAB to Deliver Emergency Exercise Programme for the Food Standards Agency
Aug 19, 2014

Following the review in June 2013 by Professor Troop of the Food Standards Agency's (FSA) response to the contamination of beef with horse and pork meat, the FSA has developed a new Incident Management Plan.   The Plan is to be tested via a series of exercises including:

  • 3 x table-top exercises to embed the new Plan into the organisation; and 
  • a two-day multi-agency control-post exercise to test the plan against a UK wide food incident involving multiple stakeholders and industry and will be delivered by RAB's Exercise Messaging System (ExMS).

To deliver an exercise programme of this scale that meets all the objectives, RAB has brought together an impressive team of experts who bring the following skills to the project:

  • Practical knowledge and implementation of the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) across the UK.
  • Major exercise scoping, planning and delivery across the UK.
  • Food safety/hygiene/supply chain standards development and regulation in the UK and internationally.
  • Depth and breadth of market, product and technical knowledge within the food and allied industries.
  • One the UK’s largest providers of exercise media.

The project will be led by RAB Consultants with specialist sub-consultants Acumentia and Escott Hunt.

Acumentia is a group of highly qualified and experienced consultants who provide services to the food and drink and pharmaceutical & healthcare industries.

Escott Hunt is one of the largest providers of exercise media in the UK.

The programme of exercises is due to be completed by April 2015.