Property Level Flood Protection Surveys, Barnsley
Jul 30, 2014

RAB Consultants has recently been appointed by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to carry out Property Level Flood Protection (PLFP) surveys for 85 properties in Barnsley.
Key activities in this work will include:

  • Liaising with homeowners and setting up appointments to carry out household surveys;

  • Carrying out a topographic survey to identify ground and threshold levels (GPS verified);

  • Undertaking property surveys to identify routes of water ingress (in line with DEFRA’s Household-Level Flood Protection Surveys template);

  • Preparation of individual householder reports;

  • Engaging with homeowners, explaining flood resistance strategies and confirming homeowner’s participation and permission for implementing recommendations.

Since 2011, RAB has been supporting many local authorities across the UK to deliver independent property level flood protection surveys through Defra and Environment Agency grant schemes and has completed over 300 surveys over many different communities.