Work Experience at RAB
Jul 11, 2014

Over the course of this week, I undertaken some work experience at the RAB office in Lichfield. This was a good opportunity for me to learn some new skills, and to really experience what holding a job entails.

One of the key things that I’ve noticed is that working in an office is extremely different to working inside a classroom. Firstly, office life is far more flexible than that which one experiences at one can enter and exit the office as they please. Furthermore, at work, one must be able to apply their knowledge to real life scenarios, and should understand that it cannot always go right the first time. Also in an office, it isn’t uncommon to work in a team, as this allows the workload to be shared out amongst others, relieving some of the pressure that one is under. In order for teamwork to function efficiently, both trust and communication between staff is vital.

Throughout the week I have also been able to experience what it is to hold a job, and what the flood management industry entails. Some of the jobs that I’ve undertaken have been tedious, but that in itself reflects what a real job would be like; as not all the jobs which one has to do can be interesting. Likewise, accuracy when completing jobs is imperative for the flood risk company to function well. Furthermore, the wide range of degrees that the members of staff in RAB held emphasised that there are multiple aspects to flood management, and that different skills are vital for success.

On the whole, I have felt that this week was really benefitted both myself, and my repertoire. I have learnt new skills, and have been able to experience what it is to work for a real company, ideals that I feel shall help to properly prepare me for life outside of the classroom.