Flood Risk Assessment at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, London
Jun 5, 2014

Eel Pie Island is a small inhabited island on the tidal reach of the River Thames at Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond.  It can only be accessed by footbridge or by boat.  The island has about 50 houses with 120 inhabitants, a couple of boatyards and some small businesses and artists' studios.  It has nature reserves at either end.

RAB Consultants prepared a flood risk assessment for the proposed change of use of existing 12 studio offices  to six residential units.  Whilst the site has flood defences, they offer a standard of protection lower than 1 in 200 year, therefore not classified as formal "Area Benefitting from Defences".  Our assessment showed that in the future, due to climate change and sea level rise, flood depths of up to 450mm could be experienced at the site.  The fabric of the building would not allow flood risistance techniques to be employed such as flood doors, temporary flood gates and so on.  We therefore put forward recommendations that the proposed residential units were made resilient to flooding, for example: all sleeping accommodation on the first floor; raised kitchen units; flood resilient flooring (stone, tiles etc); raised electrical sockets and wiring and high level appliances.  The aim being to minimise any damages from flood water.  The flood risk assessment also made recommdations for flood warning and evacuation supported by a flood response plan.