Developing a National Set of Flood Risk and Land Management Byelaws for Wales
May 28, 2014

RAB Consultants recently completed a research and evaluation project into Flood Risk and Land Management Byelaws in operation across the United Kingdom. The aim of the project was to assist the Welsh Local Government Association in the development of a national set of flood risk byelaws for Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) in Wales. These include Lead Local Flood Authorities, Internal Drainage Boards and Natural Resources Wales.

The project focussed on the following three activities:

  • To research and compile a register of existing byelaws relevant to land drainage and flood risk management from various sources across the UK;
  • To help inform and influence the thinking on the development of the new set of byelaws;
  • Compile relevant information on the enforceability and practicality of existing byelaws.

We adopted both web-based research, to determine the extent of relevant byelaws prevailing in RMAs across the United Kingdom, and on-line surveys of all RMAs in Wales (and a selection of RMAs in England) to gather information regarding the effectiveness of existing byelaws. No relevant byelaws were found to be in operation in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Information gained from the research and the on-line surveys has been used to populate a Register of Byelaws and to assess the level of practicality and enforceability of byelaws currently in operation. Variations in byelaw wording have been documented in the Register and those byelaws that are considered to be the most practical and enforceable have been identified and prioritised.

Feedback from RMAs on whether individual byelaws should be retained, modified or deleted has been collated in the report. Details of additional byelaws that may be in operation, where there are considered to be gaps with the existing byelaws, and where new byelaws may be needed in the future, have also been presented.