RAB start Property Level Flood Protection (PLFP) Surveys across Northamptonshire
Mar 17, 2014

RAB is working with Northamptonshire County Council to help deliver a Flood Resilience Toolkit for residents as part of the Defra Pathfinder scheme.

The flood resilience toolkit is a “one-stop-shop” to provide valuable information to residents on what they can do to increase their resilience to flooding.

As part of this project, RAB are managing and undertaking the Property Level Flood Protection surveys to some 130 residential and commercial properties across 15 communities.  The free surveys will identify the flood risk and the potential ingress routes to each property and recommend flood resistance measures that would help mitigate against flooding.  Each property owner will be given a report that details the flood resistance measures and estimated costs.

RAB will be working closely with Northamptonshire County Council over the next few weeks (March/April 2014) as we visit a range of properties in Northamptonshire.

The next steps for the project will be to promote the Flood Resilience Toolkit via community events.  RAB will be attending these events to help raise the awareness of flood risk and the steps residents can take to reduce their flood risk.

RAB Consultants has worked with other lead local flood authorities to deliver hundreds of property level flood protection surveys across the UK, including Gloucester, Rotherham, Barnsley and London.