Flood Risk Assessment, Hexham, Northumberland
Feb 24, 2014

RAB Consultants prepared a Flood Risk Assessment in support of a proposed change of use development in Hexham, Northumberland.

The site is located within flood zone 3 as identified by the Environment Agency's (EA) flood map and is at risk of flooding from Cockshaw Burn.

RAB Consultants conducted a topographic survey of the site and used modelled levels provided by the Environment Agency to determine flood depths at the site. RAB Consultants also evaluated the risk of flooding to the site in the event of overtopping of nearby flood defences.

RAB produced a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan for the client and recommended a safe access/egress route to vacate the site in the event of an emergency. The client was recommended to sign up to receive the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Service.