Northamptonshire seek path to greater resilience
Feb 7, 2014

RAB have been commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council to help deliver a flood resilience tool kit for residents as part of the Defra Pathfinder scheme

The flood resilience tool kit is a “one stop shop” to provide valuable information to residents on what they can do to increase their resilience to flooding.

RAB will be managing the property level protection (PLP) element of the project. We will be visiting communities at risk from surface water flooding and providing a free PLP survey and report for interested home and business owners. The report will identify PLP measures and costs to greatly increase the property's resilience to potential flooding.

After the initial PLP survey we will be undertaking research to understand why property owners did or did not install PLP.

The final part of the project will be for RAB to visit at risk communities with other stakeholders through a variety of events that are being coordinated by Northamptonshire County Council. The aims of these events are to further increase the communities understanding of flood risk and the actions that they can take to increase their resilience to flooding.