Property Level Flood Protection survey in Callander, Stirlingshire
Mar 4, 2013

RAB Consultants was commissioned to undertake a Property Level Flood Protection (PLFP) survey at a property in Callander, Stirling to assess the options and work required to protect the building from flood depths experienced during previous flooding events.

We identified routes of water ingress at the property in line with DEFRA’s Household-Level Flood Protection Surveys template which included:

* Householder observations;

* External features;

* Internal features;

* Non-structural issues.

We produced a PLFP report which detailed historic flood depths, flow routes and mechanisms. We included a schematic indicating the identified routes of ingress and recommended appropriate flood resistance measures based on both the physical characteristics of the property and the capability of the householder. We also obtained quotations for the supply and installation of appropriate flood resistance products.