BREEAM Surface Water Runoff and Flood Risk Assessment, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mar 22, 2013

The University of Edinburgh recently commissioned RAB Consultants to carry out a POL 03 Surface Water Runoff Assessment, under the BREEAM New Construction (2011) assessment criteria. The report supports the development proposed within the Kings Building campus with the aim to achieve the maximum number of POL 03 surface water runoff credits.

The assessment criteria for POL 03 is split into three parts, therefore the following aspects were covered:

* A site-specific flood risk assessment which confirmed that the developable area has a low annual probability of flooding and there is no evidence of any historical flooding in the vicinity of the site;

* Surface water runoff which included calculations to determine the total impermeable areas, runoff rates and runoff volumes pre- and post-development. Figures confirmed that the impermeable areas would increase as a result of the development but Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) would be used to manage surface water runoff entirely at source. Microdrainage modelling software was used to confirm this;

* Watercourse pollution. It was concluded that the SuDS technique proposed (infiltration basins) would effectively remove pollutants at source, thus improve water quality.

After combining all of the above aspects, this site is able to achieve the maximum number of credits under the BREEAM POL 03 Assessment criteria.