Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Risk Mitigation Strategy, City of London
Jun 10, 2013

RAB Consultants have recently completed a flood risk assessment and flood risk mitigation strategy for a large commercial building in the City of London following flooding of unknown origin in the building’s basement.  The building and services suffered losses in excess of nearly £200,000.

The assessment involved the following:

* A site visit to assess all possible water ingress routes in the basement;

* A topographic survey of the site and surrounding area (relative to Ordnance Datum);

* Analysis of Environment Agency data and consultation with the Environment Agency;

* Comprehensive assessment of flood risk from all sources;

* Flood risk mitigation strategy prepared in consultation with site occupants.

The report concluded that a combination of saturated groundwater levels following prolonged and heavy rain in November and December 2012, high tidal levels in the River Thames, and an underlying geology which facilitated a perched water table caused groundwater flooding to occur in the basement.

The report recommended a cost-effective solution, which adopts a water entry strategy for unused areas of the basement, and a water exit strategy for area housing high value assets.  Flood resilience measures were proposed in less valuable areas of the basement whilst flood resistance measures were outlined to keep floodwater out of the more valuable areas of the basement including all access routes from a higher level.

RAB operations in London and South East England are headed up by Ray Pickering; a Chartered Engineer with almost 20 years of experience leading people, projects and programmes in the public and private sectors, across all aspects of flood and coastal risk management.

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