Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Management Strategy, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire
Jun 10, 2013

RAB Consultants have recently completed a Flood Risk Assessment and outlined a surface water management strategy for a proposed large waste recycling facility near Bedford.  The planned facility will recycle surface water during the composting process.  It is a requirement of the Environment Agency that any water used in composting process must not enter a natural water body, e.g. groundwater, surface water drain/river.

The assessment involved the following:

* A site visit to assess flood risk at the site;

* Use of Microdrainage WinDes 2013.1 to calculate greenfield runoff rates at the site, surface water runoff and volume for a 100 year storm event including 30% for climate change, and post-development runoff and volume at the site;

* Preparation of a flood risk assessment report in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework;

* Desk based assessment of suitable SuDS techniques using local geological records, * Environment Agency guidance and client consultation.

The report concluded that two lagoons would be required: an oversized lagoon for the storage and recycling of water for reuse on site as part of a sealed system; the other lagoon would act as an infiltration pond for the part of the site used for cleaner processes.

RAB operations in Bedfordshire and South East England are headed up by Ray Pickering; a Chartered Engineer with almost 20 years of experience leading people, projects and programmes in the public and private sectors, across all aspects of flood and coastal risk management.

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