EA Objection Withdrawn following FRA, Wellingborough
Oct 28, 2013

RAB Consultants has completed a flood risk assessment (FRA) for a proposed extension of an Industrial Factory on Sanders Road, Wellingborough.

The Environment Agency who had previously objected to the development on the basis of ‘an absence of a flood risk assessment’ removed this objection noting the following:

“We consider that the details in the FRA have been undertaken in line with Paragraph 103, footnote 20 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and these are considered appropriate for the scale and nature of the proposed development.  Accordingly, we are prepared to withdraw our objection.”

Our assessment to meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, our flood risk assessment involved the following:

* A site visit to assess flood risk at the site;
* Topographic Survey of the site and watercourse channel;
* Assessment of collected Environment Agency data;
* Production of a hydraulic model using HEC-RAS 1D modelling software;
* Assessment of the risk of flooding from all sources including surface water, groundwater and drainage related;
* Preparation of a Sequential Test and Exception Test in accordance with the National Planning
* Policy Framework;
* Desk based assessment of suitable mitigation measures to offset any risk of flooding.

HEC-RAS profile plot of the Harrowden Brook next to the site during a flood:

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