Flood Risk in Menstrie: Reviewing Future Management Options
Jan 29, 2018

RAB have recently commenced work to review future flood risk management options for the Clackmannanshire village of Menstrie. The community has been impacted by flooding in recent years, with properties being affected both in 2004 and 2012.

This study supports the requirements of the recently published Local Flood Risk Management Plan in considering the reduction in flood risk and economic damage due to flooding for the area.


Working with Clackmannanshire Council, the work will review the hydrology of the Menstrie Burn and develop detailed hydraulic modelling to assess the risk to the community.  As part of the review we will look at existing formal and informal defences using an asset inspection approach and Condition Assessment Manual.  A review of options for natural flood management within the catchment to help reduce the flood risk will also be integral to the study.

The project builds on our current work in Menstrie to support partners in piloting a community flood alerting project.