RAB Consultants' June 2016 Flood Investigation Published
Feb 1, 2017

RAB Consultants supported Central Bedfordshire Council in conducting a Section 19 Flood Investigation pertaining to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Within Central Bedfordshire, parts of Aspley Guise, Cranfield, Dunstable and Stotfold flooded on 7 – 12 June 2016 after a period of particularly heavy rainfall. RAB was tasked with leading the investigation to identify why these areas flooded and offer recommendations for improvement.











RAB visited each area with representatives from Central Bedfordshire Council’s Highway department and Lead Local Flood Authority, Anglian Water, local parish councils and the public. Forming a partnership and relationship with each organisation and interacting with members of the public allowed RAB to gain a deeper understanding of the events that occurred and gain valuable information to inform the investigation.

When undertaking a Section 19 Investigation, it is important to identify the sources and causes of flooding. In this case, the primary source of flooding for three of the areas was surface water and one other was related to the Pix Brook. Information from one of the local rain gauges showed that 42mm of rain fell in a 45 minute period. For this area, this rainfall event is estimated as having a 3.3% annual probability.

RAB identified a number of recommendations for risk management agencies, organisations and members of the public to progress in the pursuit of a reduced risk from flooding. The experience and knowledge of our staff enabled the efficient delivery of a comprehensive report and provided extensive added value when communicating with affected members of the public.

The final published report can be viewed here.