Protecting more communities from extreme flooding events
Nov 1, 2016

Our team have been supporting the Environment Agency to become more resilient and even better prepared for flooding. This means that the Environment Agency will have four times more temporary flood barrier compared to last winter with more plans in place for where and how to deploy it.

At RAB Consultants our engineers developed temporary defence deployment plans (TDDP) for communities in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, West Berkshire and Surrey. Each TDDP contains the specific information that a Site Controller needs to know when deploying temporary flood barriers in that community.

Alongside this our resilience team at RAB Consultants developed a tailored training module for the Site Controllers who will be responsible for using these new plans to deploy equipment. We delivered this to over 150 flood incident site controllers across England.

As well as new plans, equipment and training, we have worked with the Environment Agency to establish a new relationship with the Stobart Group to store, track, and transport its 40 kilometres of temporary barriers and other mobile equipment.

This new national capability was demonstrated during Exercise CERTUS in October 2016. CERTUS was a major flood incident exercise delivered by RAB Consultants alongside the Environment Agency. The exercise involved over 1,000 staff in incident rooms and communities, mobilising and deploying temporary defences to ensure that they are ready for the winter.