Major Incident Plans tested during Exercise CERTUS
Oct 20, 2016

RAB Consultants worked in partnership with Mott MacDonald during 2015/16 to produce six Major Incident Plans (MIP’s) on behalf of the Environment Agency. MIPs provide a framework for the strategic actions, decisions and resources required by the Environment Agency during different phases of major incidents across England. The MIPS will be used by strategic incident managers across the Environment Agency under their new Concept of Operations (ConOps).  

So far, a MIP for COMAH incidents and the following five flood MIPs have been produced:

  • North West Coast
  • East Coast
  • South and South West Coast
  • River Trent
  • River Thames (fluvial)

MIPs are designed to ensure that forward planning of incidents takes place before they occur. They assist with early warning and decision making as far out as 30 days which allows the planning for, response to and recovery from an incident to begin in advance, including the early activation of external resources such military support. The early decisions and actions are supported by the new 30-day Flood Outlook from the joint Environment Agency and Met Office Flood Forecasting Centre.

MIP Content

The MIPs also provide a consistent framework across the country, so that staff offering mutual aid support in unfamiliar areas will be able to apply their training in one area easily to another.  They provide an overview of the potential hazards and flood prone locations in the area and include a suite of tools to aid users such as timelines, action cards and scenario maps.

All five flood MIPs underwent their first major test during Exercise CERTUS in October 2016. CERTUS was a major flood incident exercise delivered by RAB Consultants alongside the Environment Agency during which 1,000 staff across England played in incident rooms, mobilised and deployed pumps, temporary defences, incident command vehicles and drones to ensure that they are ready for the winter.

Further MIPs are planned over the next 12 months and RAB are currently working on a MIP for Industrial Hazards.