RAB Deliver Exercise CERTUS to 1000 Environment Agency staff
Oct 12, 2016

Over the last four months, RAB Consultants has been planning for Exercise CERTUS alongside the Environment Agency.  The aim of the exercise was to test winter readiness plans, incident management command and control, communication and reporting arrangements under the new Concept of Operations (ConOps) through a two-day control-post and live flood exercise on 11 and 12 October with pre-cursor exercises on the 5 and 7 October.

1,000 staff across England played in incident rooms, mobilised and deployed pumps, temporary defences, incident command vehicles and drones to ensure that they are ready for the winter. 

The exercise injects were delivered by RAB's Exercise Messaging System (ExMS).  Some 250 injects were delivered each day across 16 Environment Agency Area Incident Rooms and their National Incident Room in Bristol.

A team of six RAB staff manned Exercise Control at the Environment Agency headquarters in Bristol.

Ray Pickering, RAB Director said "We have delivered a successful test of new plans and procedures in one of the biggest exercises we have had the pleasure of working on.  Our team have worked tirelessly over the last few months to ensure the smooth running of the exercise.  Valuable lessons have been learned which will serve to improve the response to major flooding in the future".