BREEAM Flood Risk Assessment, Aberdeen, Scotland
Aug 26, 2016

RAB Consultants was recently commissioned to carry out a POL 03 Flood Risk Assessment, under the BREEAM UK New Construction, Non-domestic Buildings (United Kingdom), Technical Manual, SD5076 4.1 - 2014 assessment criteria. The report supports the application for a commercial development at D2 Business Park, Aberdeen to achieve the maximum possible number of POL03 Flood Risk credits.

The assessment criteria for POL 03 is split into three parts, which covers flood risk, surface water run-off, and minimizing water course pollution. The work carried out in Aberdeen was specifically to look at the flood risk element of the site.

After looking at all sources of available data the site was shown to be at a low probability of flooding, and as such, RAB Consultants was able to identify that the site is able to achieve the maximum 2 credits, under the BREEAM POL 03 Assessment criteria.