RAB to debate future of PLP
Jul 8, 2016

Managing Director, Russell Burton will be participating in CIWEM's  round table debate  "Property level flood resilience: standards, delivery and its long-term role in delivering flood resilient, insurable property". The event is being held on Monday 11th July 2016 in London.

The flood events seen many times across the UK since 2000 have highlighted the complexities of providing flood protection in towns and cities throughout the Country. When flood mitigation measures are progressed, affordability often limits the scale of measures that can be put in place, leaving a residual flood risk in extreme events.

'whole-property' Property Level Flood Protection (PLP) measures provides an affordable and effective first line of defence in mitigating against internal flooding of property. However in order for PLP to be a viable and trusted form of flood mitigation in at-risk communities there are a number of questions and challenges that need to be understood and addressed:

  • If PLP is to be a component part of flood risk mitigation, who should be responsible for implementing it? – Property owners; the Environment Agency; Local councils; Water Companies; Insurance companies?
  • The standards relating to PLP are linked to Building Regulations and yet there are organisations offering PLP devices that on their own do not provide the flood protection, or the confidence that should come from it – what needs to be done to overcome this?
  • For PLP to be applied properly to a property, a comprehensive survey is needed. If we are to have common standards for these surveys what needs to be done to bring them into force and who should be responsible for enforcing them?
  • In terms of introducing PLP as a formal component of community/catchment scale flood risk mitigation measures, what needs to be done now, within the next ten years, and ahead of the Flood Re ceiling of 2041 to make PLP truly viable and trusted?

CIWEM is therefore holding a round-table debate to which senior figures from the Industry and communities are invited to debate these issues including our MD, Russell Burton. CIWEM will produce a written summary, though all discussions will be non-attributable.