Ashbourne, Derbyshire - Culvert Diversion
Jul 1, 2016

RAB consultants prepared a Flood Risk Assessment in 2012 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Subsequently planning consent was granted. During the construction phase it was revealed that an existing small culverted watercourse posed technical difficulties to the build. We were appointed to assess options with regards to a culvert diversion:

  • Constructing a model of the arrangement Micro-drainage and testing to a standard of 1 in 100 annual probability plus climate change flow levels.

  • Assessing risk to the development.

  • Confirming a suitable pipe size

  • Making recommendations on maintenance and inspection of the network.

  • Writing a short technical report to support the culvert diversion.

The design safely manages flows up to 1 in 100 annual probability plus climate change and meets latest design and best practice.

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