Flood Risk Assessment, Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Jun 6, 2016


RAB Consultants has completed a cost effective Flood Risk Assessment in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) for a of a change of use application in Nottinghamshire.

The Development site is located in Flood Zone 3 on the Environment Agency’s Flood Map for Planning (Rivers and sea) and therefore required a Flood Risk Assessment to ensure safety.

We carried out a site visit to assess the flood risk within the local area and a topographic survey to establish ground levels across the proposed site. Our assessment to meet the requirements of the NPPF also involved:

  • Data analysis, using the Environment Agency’s latest models for both the River Trent and nearby dykes.

  • An assessment of the risk of flooding from all sources including fluvial, surface water, groundwater and sewers.

  • Recommendations of suitable flood risk mitigation measures.

A flood warning and evacuation plan was included in the assessment, ensuring that future residents are aware of the risk and know the most appropriate actions to take in the event of a flood.

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