SuDS Drainage Detailed Design, Tamworth
Apr 29, 2016

RAB Consultants have produced a detailed drainage design to manage surface water for a proposed new development in Tamworth.

The proposal increased the sites impermeable surface. RAB consultants therefore prepared a drainage design by:

  • Calculating the total permeable and impermeable area across the site, pre and post development.

  • Determining the sites existing rates and volumes for a range of rainfall events.

  • Providing a conceptual SuDS drainage design in consultation with the developer.

  • Working up a detailed drainage design using Microdrainage and providing detailed plans with a supporting report.

The design had to address several site constraints, including space limitations and demanding ground conditions. A SuDS treatment train was designed using.

  • Soakaways

  • Permeable paving

  • Geocellular infiltration storage cells

  • Exceedance overland flow routes


The scheme safely manages up to 1 in 100 annual probability rainfall, including an account for climate change and meets latest design best practice. 

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