Flood Risk Assessment, Coylton, South Ayrshire, Scotland
Nov 25, 2015

A Flood Risk Assessment has been completed by RAB Consultants in support of a proposed stable block and outdoor riding arena at a site near Coylton.

The majority of the development site is located in ‘High’ Flood Zone in accordance with the
Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA’s) Flood Map for rivers, however there is no modelled data for the watercourse at the development site. This assessment therefore models the watercourse to determine flood levels and extents.

RAB Consultants carried out a site visit to assess the flood risk within the local area, a topographic survey to establish ground levels across the proposed site, and cross sections of Water of Coyle to allow modelled flood levels to be calculated. In order to ascertain flood risk from Water of Coyle an estimate of flood levels has been made using FEH methodology and 1D HEC-RAS modelling software. Flood frequency estimates from the FEH statistical method have been used for modelling flood levels with HEC-RAS.

Our assessment to meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework also involved:

  • Liaison with SEPA and Ayrshire Roads Alliance
  • An assessment of the risk of flooding from all sources including fluvial, surface water, groundwater and drainage related.

Flood mitigation measures were included in order to highlight measures to reduce surface water run-off rates at the site.

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