Property Level Protection surveys, Cumbria, Yorkshire and North East England
Feb 2, 2016

RAB Consultants has been supporting property owners with surveys and advice on flood resistance and resilience measures to protect their properties following the December 2015 flooding in northern England.

Affected properties are eligible for flood resilience grants which are administered through Local Authorities. These grants are provided to support the funding of measures which improve the property's resistance and/or resilience to flooding with any additional repairs normally covered by insurance.

RAB Consultants is listed under the Property Care Association as Independent Flood Protection Specialists. Our surveys provide independent recommendations for flood resistance and/or resilience and we work with property owners in obtaining suitable quotations from reputable companies for the supply and installation of measures.

As part of this survey work RAB has been carrying out Flood Risk Assessments to gain a better understanding of flood risk at each property, information which is vital to providing an effective resistance and/or resilience strategy.

We also carry out post-installation surveys to assess whether resistance and/or resilience products have been fitted in line with survey recommendations and to the required quality. A short report in accordance with the Defra/ABI Flood Risk Report is provided following inspection. This report can be shared with your insurer.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact Andy McHugh at our Durham office

T: 01388 748366