Work Experience at RAB - Feeback from Niall Morrow
Aug 28, 2015

During late June, I accepted a two-week placement as part of my module in Professional Practice and Placement at RAB’s Bedford office, during which I was given a chance to be a part of some of the work involved in Flood Risk Management & Assessment. This was a great opportunity to work with Ray, Chloe & Alex, who - with their guidance - gave me a fantastic perspective of what is involved in their work.

During the placement, I was given a variety of tasks and activities, including the opportunity to attend a two-day Area Base Controller Development Programme in Peterborough, where I was able to play a few roles in the scenarios RAB had created to train the delegates. This was a chance to see people with a range of backgrounds and abilities work with one another to improve their skills as an ABC, meanwhile it was a new experience for me; as it gave me the chance to talk to some of the delegates about the type of career a Geography degree might create, as well as the chance during breaks to start networking.

During my second week, Ray involved me in some of the work to do with Flood Risk & Management, which was challenging, but not overwhelming. This ranged from creating reports, to updating RAB’s newsfeed, to doing site visits in London with members of the Bedford Office. This reinforced some of the theory I have learned in University by putting it into practice with real projects, equipment, sites and clients. I also received some of the best training in the use of many types of GIS software, which was something I have improved on drastically over the two week placement.

Overall, I have had a very positive placement experience with RAB and hope to find the same level of friendly guidance and expertise during my next placement.

I wish Ray, Chloe, Alex and all the team at RAB all the best for the future and look forward to possibly working alongside them again someday.

Niall Morrow - Sheffield Hallam Geography Undergraduate.