Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), Whickham, Tyne and Wear
Jul 16, 2015

RAB Consultants has completed a Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) assessment in support of a residential development in Wickham to achieve CSH Level 3. The report considers the design categories of SUR 1 – ‘Management of surface water’ and SUR 2 –‘Flood risk’.

Development plans indicated that the total man-made impermeable area of the site will reduce as a result of the development. Therefore, the peak rate of run-off and the volume of run-off criteria do not apply. The proposed surface water drainage system and supporting development proposals adequately addressed and mitigated the potential impact of local system failure. It was considered that the development meets the mandatory requirements for designing for local drainage system failure. No additional water quality credits were available in accordance with the development plans.

The Environment Agency classifies the site as being in Flood Zone 1 - Flood Map for Planning (Rivers and Sea). Flood risk from other sources including surface water run-off, groundwater, coastal / tidal are also considered to be ‘very low’. The report concluded that the proposed development achieved the maximum two credits under SUR 2 in accordance with the CSH criteria.

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